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Logo/Identity Questionnaire

We appreciate your taking the time to complete our logo design questionnaire form. This helps us verify important details for your project and obtain further insight into your business/brand to provide a successful project together.

Selected the number (1-5) that best represents the feelings you want to convey with your logo. ( 1 being strongly the first adjective, 5 strongly the second, and 3 right in-between.)

Muted (1) to Colorful (5)Muted (1) to Colorful (5)
Edgy (1) or Conservative (5)Edgy (1) or Conservative (5)
Feminine (1) or Masculine (5)Feminine (1) or Masculine (5)
Simple (1) or Complex (5)Simple (1) or Complex (5)
Plain (1) or Luxurious (5)Plain (1) or Luxurious (5)
Casual (1) or Formal (5)Casual (1) or Formal (5)
Serious (1) or Playful (5)Serious (1) or Playful (5)
Modern (1) or Classic (5)Modern (1) or Classic (5)
Elegant (1) or Strong (5)Elegant (1) or Strong (5)
Logo Type (choose up to two)
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